Can you help?

            During my research into Thomas Ward and Sons I have come across many questions that remain unsolved, and I was hoping that perhaps someone reading this page could perhaps help me, and I list some of the questions below:-

1---What is the significance of the "1066" on the early razor blades. "Now resolved"

2---Can anyone give me any information about the Warrington factory, all I know is that it was at 11 Suez Street

3---Can anyone provide me with any information regarding the manufacture of French Wardonia items.

4---The artists impression (below left) of the Wardonia factory bears little resemblance to the factory as I know it 

      (below right) was this a  proposal that was never built.  "Now Resolved"



5---Could anyone provide me with a photograph of Thomas Ward the founder of Wardonia  "Now resolved Thank you"

6---I have a straight razor with the makers name being Thomas W Ward but have never been able to link this with Wardonia can anyone help?



Any information received would be very welcomed and duly acknowledged  


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