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            I have an original Thomas Ward & Sons Ltd. letter dated October 1925, which states we are "Britain's Largest Distributors of Genuine Gillette Blades" of U.S.A. manufacture, with no mention of Wardonia blades.  But in another letter dated Christmas 1926 they were selling "Wardonia" British made blades (made by a secret process) with no mention of Gillette blades. Beside the Wardonia range of razor blades, Thomas Ward also produced blades under the 'St. Leger', 'B.A.B. (British And Best) 'The Derby' (not to be confused with 'Derby'), 'The Dandy' (at least two different versions) and 'The Spartan' which too date I have never come across. A French version of the St. Leger was also produced.  Many of the Wardonia wrappers were printed on both sides which is not unique, but very unusual. Many of these blade wrappers were printed by Harris and Walford, Park Road, Reddich.



  I don't which of these first two blades actually came first. (c1926) Very rare


To be 'Famous in 3 Continents' it must have been on sale for some time?


'1066' 3 Hole Blade (1929-1932) quiet rare.

The '1066' Barrel-Hole Blade introduced in 1932

         'The New' Barrel-Hole Blade introduced after1932 very common.


I don't know anything about this Barrel-Hole blade printed in blue and green. Very rare. 


'The New' Barrel-Hole blade with corner notches.  "Manufactured under Wardonia Licence" Very, very rare.



'The New' Barrel-Hole Slotted


This very scarce blade was produced to fit the 'Valet' type safety razors 1933-?


This very rare Wardonia single-edged razor blade was sold recently on e-bay


'A blade produced for the French Market but manufactured in Sheffield'


The 'St Leger' "Britain's premier penny blade"


The 'St Leger' produced for the French market but manufactured in Sheffield


B.A.B. (British and Best) 1926 onwards. Wrapper design was registered in 1925


'The Derby' first registered in 1927.  Wrapper very similar to B.A.B and St Leger. 

This unusual inner blade wrapper is covered with Wardonia logos and the blade is also 'blued' (from the B-H notched blade)


Recently discovered B.A.B in what appears to later become the 'St. Leger' wrapper. Only one that I have seen.

I'd like a pack of 3 please

Dated pack of blades '1063' relates to October 1963

Recently found variation of the St. Leger wrapper.


Back of 4 pack blades over-stamped 'Export'


Pack of 5 French blades printed. Agent Continental 'Roger Grunwald Paris.


Back of 4 pack of blades printed Canadian agent 'Percy Hermant'


Standard 5 pack of Barrel-Hole blades over printed 'Barrel-Hole-Slotted'



A typical Barrel-Hole wrapper printed on both sides.


A copy of Thomas Ward's registration for the B.A.B. first applied for in 1925 and granted in 1929!


1930's Wardonia blade shipping boxes for various pack quantities.

A St. Leger shipping box for 144 individual blades


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