Other Shaving items sold by Wardonia


  The larger box is called a "Bath Room Set" which I have seen in ivory, walnut and blue, whilst the smaller one was known as a "Blade Bank" also shown is the Bath Room Set shipper. 1937 onwards.


 The patent rights for this stropper were purchased by Wardonia in 1927 whether it ever went into production I have not yet determined.


     This glass stropper was recently sold on e-bay as a Wardonia item, but I'm not too sure. Wardonia usually had their name placed conspicuously on every item


        This 'W1' shaving brush manufactured by "Vulvix" of Manchester is one of only two that I have come across. Incidentally Vulvix is still in business today

      Despite the scarcity of Wardonia brushes today, their 1929/30 catalogue lists a very full range of different sizes varying in price from 2/6 for the W1 to 10/6 for the W6. All these brushes were guaranteed to be made from badger bristle.


     Wardonia Shaving Soap was said to "soften each bristle down to the root" and was manufactured for them by Charles Midgley of Manchester. I have not seen a shaving stick with the Wardonia logo. These sets cost 1/3 in   the 1940's



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