Wardonia Safety Razor Pictures  


  First all metal Razor               "Sandhurst" Set  1931              Ladies De Luxe                    "Balmoral?"  Set 1931    


        Blue 'Pilot' set with shipper                    Leather boxed Gilt 'Bedford' Set.                    The 'Walnut' set with shipper


       1931 'Rutland' Set             1931 'Travelling' Set         'College' set with shipper        Early Black 'Travellers' set


       'Black Prince' Sets                        'National' Sets                    'Jet' Razor Set                       Nice Leather Set


              Typical 1940/50's Sets                         'Matchbox' Sets               The Last Sets                The final razor? 



Thomas Ward also made these Safety Razors "Wardex" and "St. Leger"



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