Ivory Declic in metal box with scripted logo  and 'Declic' printed inside the lid.

Unmarked safety razor in "Wardex" shipper 1930's

Early two coloured hinged box with 1066 blade packet and metal handled razor.

Unused green 'Pilot' set with original shipper.

A nicely boxed Wardonia set used for presentation purposes by E Greaves

French 'Weekend' set with typical scripted logo inside the lid.

Could this be the first 'Wardonia' set? a "1066" set with a "1066" blade and metal handled razor.

I have seen 100's of these sets in red and blue boxes, but this is the first green one I've seen.

I have recently acquired this "Service" set with a very rare '1066' Barrel-Hole Blade.


Boxed Ladies 'gilt' short handled set with powder compact, I've never seen this set before.

'1066' Barrel-Hole Blade which fits in between the '1066' Blade and 'The New' Barrel-Hole Blade, completely new to me.

Recently found Canadian promotional set, razor and packet of 4 blades for 29 cents  1930's

These razors came from Wardonia's 1984 liquidation sale, straight from the manufacturer awaiting fitting of guards

I have only recently come across this ivory Pilot with a lift-off lid. I have this set in 4 other colours.

Recently found different wrapper for the early '1066 Blade'

I have been aware of this blue/green variation of the 'The New Barrel-Hole Blade' but have only just acquired this fine copy.

I'm sure this recently purchased set is either an 'Hastings' or an 'Ascot' This blade wrapper and the adjacent one are completely new to me and I'm sure they must be the first two sold. As left, neither wrapper has any printing on the inside and the blades themselves are not wrapped  in greaseproof paper.
French black 'Declic' in very nice hinged box.

This nice metal handled French 'Declic' took me by surprise.

English wide spaced razor in box for the French market.

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